We Can Do Better Than 1 Day of Human Trafficking Awareness


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When Human Trafficking Awareness Day came around, and organizations were pushing the #wearblueday selfie to raise awareness, I did just that. I sported my favorite blue scarf, donned a lovely blue sweater, and even had my nails to follow suit. I did my makeup, checked angles, set the lighting, and took the picture. As I posted the well-planned selfie, I wondered, "What impact does this really have? Will this help people gain an understanding of the issue of human trafficking?"

A group of businesswomen expressed what I often hear from people: "How do I get more involved in fighting human trafficking?" As I sent my #wearblueday selfie to the group, I summarized several ways a person could get involved just through programs Made for Freedom has built. When I finished the list, I was excited to see the summary of all the paths to collaboration we have built. The compilation of those opportunities is what we now call Partner for Freedom.

I spent the next week pondering how partnering could be communicated more clearly and done better. I thought about the things I've seen, stories I've heard, the survivors, and those at-risk I've met over the years. This is a $150 billion industry, victimizing millions of people. We can do better than dedicating a single day to human trafficking awareness, which is insufficient to tackle the magnitude of the issue.

  • Raising Awareness: This is vital in mobilizing a collective response.

  • Providing Dignified Employment: The financial independence is invaluable for prevention and restoration.

  • Supporting Growth: Opportunities to support survivors and contribute to the growth of programs that support survivors, provide hope, and change the trajectory of lives!

Joining the fight against human trafficking is a noble and empowering endeavor. As a Partner for Freedom, you can make a significant impact by raising awareness, creating employment opportunities, and supporting growth. You can partner with this small business in various ways and help make a difference globally. Let's first look at the pressing matter of human trafficking.

Human trafficking statistics and types

The Current State of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a pervasive issue affecting millions of people across the globe. Let's delve into the statistics on the prevalence of human trafficking, explore the various forms it takes, and discuss its profound impact on victims and society as a whole.

Statistics on the Prevalence of Human Trafficking

The prevalence of human trafficking is difficult to ascertain due to its covert nature. However, it is estimated that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, combining forced labor and forced marriage. This staggering figure indicates the scale of the problem and underscores the need for urgent action. The majority of these victims are subjected to various forms of exploitation, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and forced marriage.

The Various Forms of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, manifests in different ways, but it primarily involves the exploitation of vulnerable individuals for personal or financial gain. Some of the most common forms of human trafficking include:

  • Forced labor: This occurs when individuals, sometimes vulnerable due to language or cultural differences, are compelled against their will to provide work or service through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.

  • Sexual exploitation: Individuals, predominantly women and children, are forced into prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation.

  • Domestic servitude: Victims are forced to work in private households, performing tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and childcare, with little freedom or personal autonomy.

  • Child trafficking: Children are trafficked for various purposes, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, and recruitment into armed groups.


  • Organ trafficking: Victims are trafficked for organ removal, with their organs being sold on the black market to meet the demand for transplants.

  • Forced Marriage: Forced marriage is when one or both participants are married without consent. Forced marriage happens as a result of emotional and financial threats, political pressure, or coercion.

These diverse forms of human trafficking highlight the complexity of the issue and the need for tailored solutions to address each type of exploitation.

The Impact on Victims and Society

The consequences of human trafficking are profound and far-reaching, with victims often enduring unimaginable physical, psychological, and emotional trauma. In addition to the personal toll, human trafficking also has broader societal implications. It undermines the rule of law, fuels organized crime, and perpetuates cycles of poverty and vulnerability. Furthermore, the economic impact of human trafficking is significant, with the International Labour Organization estimating that it generates $150 billion in illegal profits annually.

The Role of Made for Freedom in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Made for Freedom's primary focus is on empowering survivors through dignified employment, as it believes that providing meaningful work opportunities is essential to preventing exploitation and facilitating the restoration of survivors. Moreover, Made for Freedom actively collaborates with other organizations to create sustainable solutions that address the root causes of human trafficking.


Raise Awareness in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Raise Awareness in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

One of the easiest ways to get involved is to help raise awareness about human trafficking in your communities. By sharing valuable information and resources, you can inspire more people to actively participate in combating this issue. This can include engaging in conversations with family and friends, posting on social media platforms, or organizing local events to discuss the topic. 


After my post for Human Trafficking Awareness Day, during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, I wanted to find something that would be easy to understand, share, and remember. I like alliteration and landed on #TraffickingAwarenessTuesday. This hashtag has had some activity, but we are excited about growing it. Human trafficking is the second-largest illegal industry in the world. One day of awareness just isn't enough. One day a week seems more appropriate for an issue this widespread. You can sign up to get shareables every week. You don't need one more thing to remember so that we will send you the links. There is no need to find the information to share; click on the posts you want to share with your people.

Find out how to get #TraffickingAwarenessTuesday Shareable links sent to your inbox.

Share About the Issue and Win

Spreading the word holds immeasurable value. And if engaging by following, sharing, and commenting can earn you points towards a curated collection of exquisitely crafted products made by survivors, that's even more fantastic! Our Human Trafficking Prevention Giveaway presents an excellent opportunity to forge stronger connections, share invaluable information on trafficking, and potentially win extraordinary products. Join us, spread the word, and earn a chance to win!

The Importance of Reliable Information and Human Trafficking Red Flags

Raising public awareness and educating people about human trafficking are crucial components in the fight against this crime. By learning to recognize the signs of human trafficking, individuals can be better equipped to identify potential victims and report suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. Furthermore, understanding the scope of the issue allows for more informed conversations and effective advocacy, which can ultimately contribute to the development of more targeted and impactful interventions.

Global agencies gather reliable information about the current status of exploitation and human trafficking. Check out this page, where you can also download a free PDF, "Human Trafficking Red Flags, Risk Factors, and Action Items"


Providing Dignified Employment as a Key Solution to Human Trafficking

Providing Dignified Employment as a Key Solution to Human Trafficking

One of the most effective ways to combat human trafficking is through providing dignified employment opportunities. Providing meaningful work not only helps prevent exploitation but also plays a crucial role in the restoration of survivors. Trafficking survivor and activist Evelyn Chumbow summed it up so well in this CNN article, "We need jobs, not pity."

The Role of Dignified Employment in Preventing Exploitation

When individuals have access to safe and dignified employment, they are less vulnerable to the deceptive tactics used by traffickers. By offering fair wages and safe, clean working conditions, businesses and organizations can help reduce the risk of people falling victim to exploitation.

The Impact of Dignified Employment on the Restoration of Survivors

For survivors of human trafficking, dignified employment is a vital component of their healing process. Meaningful work allows them to regain their self-worth and independence, empowering them to move forward and rebuild their lives.

Made for Freedom's Commitment to Providing Dignified Employment Opportunities

Made for Freedom is dedicated to creating and providing dignified employment opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and those who are vulnerable to exploitation. Generating over 30,000 hours of dignified employment has made a significant impact on the lives of many individuals who were at risk or have experienced exploitation.

Made for Freedom does this by offering survivor-made products in its online shop. These products include clothing, jewelry, accessories, and bath items, all made by survivors and individuals coming out of marginalized situations. By purchasing these items, consumers are directly supporting the fight against human trafficking and contributing to dignified employment opportunities for survivors.

Every Piece Sold Generates More Hours of Dignified Employment

Whether you're treating yourself, giving a thoughtful gift, or opting for a gift card for those hard-to-shop-for individuals, each purchase contributes to creating dignified employment opportunities that last.

If you have your own boutique or love the idea of doing a pop-up shopping event in your home or for a local event, selling our survivor-made products is a great way to introduce people to the cause and promote the solution of dignified employment.

Lastly, if you are a creator or influencer who wants to bring awareness and survivor-made products to your audience, becoming an affiliate allows you to reach out to your social following and earn from sales made through your referrals. By promoting Made for Freedom's products and mission, you can contribute to the fight against human trafficking while also benefiting from the revenue generated.

Additional Ways to Support Growth in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Raising awareness and offering dignified employment are two invaluable solutions that contribute to the prevention and restoration of survivors. However, they are not the sole avenues to engage in this fight against injustice.

The Role of Educational Scholarships in Empowering Survivors

Made for Freedom Foundation is Made for Freedom's non-profit arm committed to empowering survivors through education and career training. Career development plays a pivotal role in survivors' ongoing personal and professional growth and emotional and mental restoration.

Donations to the foundation can be used towards certification programs, vocational training, or continuing education courses. By supporting the Made for Freedom Foundation, you are not only contributing to the fight against human trafficking but also helping survivors reclaim their lives through education and skill development.

With every purchase of Made for Freedom products, an option to donate to the scholarship fund is available.

Offer Your Talents to Further Growth

Discover the current requirements necessary for the expansion of Made for Freedom and the Made for Freedom Foundation. We are actively seeking dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through our mission of empowering vulnerable communities. Join us as we strive to create sustainable opportunities and advocate for those in need. Together, we can make a lasting impact and bring about positive change.

Raise Funds for your Favorite Organization

You can make a significant impact by helping to raise awareness and funds for an incredible organization. One way to do this is by promoting the exceptional products offered by Made for Freedom, a company committed to empowering and supporting vulnerable individuals. By spreading the word about our high-quality products, you are not only contributing to their economic independence but also, for a special promotional period, a percentage of sales will be given to the 501c3 of your choice. Join us in making a difference, supporting this worthy cause, and generating funds for your group!


In conclusion, there is an urgent need for continued efforts in raising awareness and combating human trafficking. This goes beyond dedicating just one day to human trafficking awareness, as the issue persists throughout the year and requires a consistent and concerted effort from all members of society.

It is essential to reiterate Made for Freedom's commitment to empowering survivors and preventing exploitation. Made for Freedom remains dedicated to achieving this goal by empowering survivors with dignified employment, collaborating with organizations to create sustainable solutions, and raising awareness about the issue. This journey requires the support and involvement of each one of us, and together, we can create a better future for those affected by human trafficking.

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