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Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal industry.
Today 40.3 million people are trapped in modern day slavery.

Are you looking for a way to join the fight against this atrocity?
Frustrated by not knowing how to get involved?  




  • Earn points for signing up.
  • Earn points when you purchase for yourself.
  • Earn points when you purchase for others.
  • Earn points for celebrating your birthday.

Every person who places an order with us is partnering with us to prevent exploitation and provide freedom. 

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  • Earn points and discounts for referring friends.
  • Earn points and discounts for following on social.
  • Earn points and discounts for sharing on social.

Are you passionate about raising awareness to help prevent exploitation? Do you like being rewarded for a job well done? Made for Freedom Advocates earn Partner Points toward purchases for educating their friends and sharing their passion. 

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  • Become a Retail Partner through our wholesale option.
  • Host a DEEP Fashion Event in your home.
  • Promote our products as a fundraiser for your organization.

The more we sell, the more jobs are provided! Let's collaborate to provide dignified employment by selling this lifestyle brand creates passionate and loyal customers. 




  • Use your skills to create for our promotions.
  • Use your network increase awareness and earn.
  • Become a Made for Freedom spokesperson.

If you are passionate about make this world a better place and have a significant following online, you might be a perfect to partner with us as a Champion for Made for Freedom.

Partner with us to

Fight Human Trafficking with Style!