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Human Trafficking Prevention Giveaway

Passionate about fighting human trafficking?
Raise awareness, empower survivors, and possibly win!
Over $200
worth of product!

The Grand Prize includes some of our
most powerful
story pieces!

  • Our bestselling Seek Justice Necklace
  • Seek Justice Key Ring
  • Bling Wrap Earrings
  • Stone of Empowerment Ring
  • We Are All Made for Freedom Bamboo Bracelet
  • Leather Cord Wrap in Camel
  • Beautiful Butterfly Earrings
  • Gift Box with Three Stories of Resilience

+ Every entry receives early access to new products and an exclusive discount code for a Seek Justice Necklace!

+ The more Partner Points you earn,the higher your chance of winning!

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  • Leather Cord Wrap made by marginalized artisans in northern India.
  • Jewelry and Key Ring made by exploited women in Asia.


  • Enter Giveaway (1 Point)
  • Confirm Your Entry (10 Points)
  • Share with Friends (50 Points/Referral)
  • Complete Bonus Actions for Points More Points
  • Get Your Seek Justice Coupon Code

→ The More Points, The More Chances to Win the Grand Prize!


More ways to win

➡️ Every Entry Confirmation - Exclusive discount on a Seek Justice Necklace!

➡️ Collect 200 Points - Unlock a $20 gift card to use in our online store!

➡️ Collect 400 Points - Receive a FREE Seek Justice Necklace!

➡️ Collect 500 Points - Unlock a $75 gift card to use in our online store!