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Fight Human Trafficking through
Scholarships and Awareness

The Made for Freedom Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and empowering individuals through education and career training. As a non-profit arm of Made for Freedom, LLC, the foundation aims to create opportunities for those who are seeking to further their education or develop new skills.

One of the ways in which the Made for Freedom Foundation fulfills its mission is through its scholarships. Two types of scholarships are available.

Scholarships for Human Trafficking Survivors with Made for Freedom Foundation

Scholarships for Survivors

Individual Career Advancement Scholarship

The Individual Career Advancement Scholarship is designed for individuals who have survived human trafficking or marginalization and are seeking to develop new skills or transition to a new career path. The scholarship can be used towards the cost of certification programs, vocational training, or continuing education courses in a variety of fields.

Partner Center Training Scholarship

The Partner Center Training Scholarship is intended for organizations or groups of employees who are already working with Made for Freedom and are also seeking to enhance their skills collectively. The scholarship can be used to fund training workshops, seminars, or team-building exercises that can facilitate professional growth and improve workplace effectiveness.

Application Process and Our Contribution

We look forward to receiving applications and learning more about how we can support our partner centers and individuals. It excites us to discover the myriad ways in which our scholarship program might facilitate growth and development. By contributing to the advancement of centers and individuals through our scholarships, we are investing in not just their future, but also in the broader community's progress. As we move forward, we are committed to continuously adapting and improving our support to ensure it remains relevant and impactful.


Raising Awareness

Impact Conversations with Dawn Manske: Video Podcast

Discover how seemingly ordinary individuals are leveraging their unique skills and talents to accomplish extraordinary feats in our world. Join Dawn Manske as she shares inspiring stories of those who are actively working to prevent exploitation and support those facing challenges. Immerse yourself in the captivating audio/visual experience on our YouTube channel or tune in to the podcast for an engaging journey.

We deeply appreciate your partnership and support as we collaborate with our partner centers to empower survivors and facilitate impactful conversations. Your generous donation enables us to provide more scholarships, raise greater awareness, and inspire individuals seeking to utilize their skills in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation. Together, we can make a profound difference.