Impact Conversations with Dawn Manske

From brain scans to biker escorts and undercover bots, learn the unique ways that inspiring individuals break the cycle of human exploitation and vulnerability. This insightful series is presented by Made for Freedom Foundation
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Mother's Day: Featuring Made for Freedom
with Tim Chan, Sage Anderson, & Nishka Dhawan

Made for Freedom is featured in Rolling Stones Magazine as a top 37 Gifts to Order Online for Mother's Day
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Talk of the Town: Made for Freedom
with Hubbard Radio

Dawn discusses Made for Freedom's mission and how dignified employment plays a tremendously role in stopping human trafficking.
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Fighting Sex Trafficking Around The World
with Mitch Russo

Learn how Dawn Manske is helping to solve the problem with her social enterprise, Made for Freedom. 
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Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Become A CEO
by Charlie Katz

Dawn Manske talks to Charlie Katz about becoming a CEO and what she's learned along the way.
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Social Enterprise: Where For-Profit Meets Impact
with Kelly Charles-Collins ESQ.

Kelly and Dawn discuss how 10 years of living in China changed Dawn's world and helped her create Made for Freedom, a platform for the restoration of survivors of human trafficking.
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A Fashion Brand That Fights Human Trafficking 
with Kimberly Vetrona

The horrors of human trafficking are alarming. Dawn Manske is fighting trafficking with 
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Building a Business Towards Freedom from Human Trafficking
with Whitney

On this episode Dawn shares her story and insight with Whitney into how we can help women move into a place of safety healing and empowerment.
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For Better Self & Net Worth
with Ella Catherine

Ella and Dawn discuss how Made for Freedom has become A Stylish Way to Fight Human Trafficking.
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Interview: Travis Sheridan on Venture Cafe's Global Expansion, Innovation's Role in Social Justice Movement 
by Kelly Hamilton

Travis, CEO of Venture Cafe, mentions Dawn Manske speaking about breaking the cycle of human trafficking as one of his favorite conversations
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Dawn Manske visits ISDI in Mumbai

Dawn Manske interacts with students in Mumbai as a social entrepreneur and answers their questions.
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Meghalaya: How Fashion Can Help Survivors of Human Trafficking
with Princess Giri Rashir

Impulse Social Enterprises holds gathering in Shillong to human trafficking and Dawn Manske graces occasion as speaker
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FICCI FLO Organises Talk on ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ in Assam
by Sandeep Borah

Initiative aims to encourage, facilitate women to showcase talents, skills across sectors and verticals of economy.
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Score St. Louis 
with Tim Cornbleet

How SCORE helped Dawn Manske fine-tune her business.
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St. Louis Business Owner Employees Survivors of Trafficking
with Marianne Martinez

Made for Freedom partners with organizations around the world that provide dignified employment to survivors
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Startup's Mission: Teaching Victims of Human Trafficking New Job Skills
by Anna Field

Dawn Manske speaks on the importance of dignified employment for those coming out of trafficking situations
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Made for Freedom Helps Trafficking Survivors
with Tracy Maness

Dawn speaks on the mission and origin of Made for Freedom.
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How One Pair of Pants is Changing the World
by Houstania - Abby Ledoux

Made for Freedom is fighting human trafficking with style!
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Valentine's Day 2018 Gift Guide
by Hedonist Shedonist

Speak-Up Necklace featured as the opportune Valentine's Day gift for your loved one.
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2018 Valentine's Day Fitness and Sports Gift Guide
by Splash Magazine

Yoga Mat Bag featured on the fitness and sports Valentine's Day Guide
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Fox St. Louis Interview - National Trafficking & Sex Slavery Prevention Month

Made for Freedom products and trafficking prevention interview with Dawn Manske
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Human Trafficking Awareness Month 

Made for Freedom is style for social justice.
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Check it out; Local business Made for Freedom

Made for Freedom is style for social justice created by local St. Louisian, Dawn Manske
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WEKU NPR - New Employment Opportunities for Women Rescued from the Sex Trade

Dawn Manske is in Lexington this week for the 19th Ending Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Conference.
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St. Louis Business Journal Woman's Conference 

Over 50 women presented their business plans where Dawn Manske placed as a finalist.
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Beyond the "Bubble"

Dawn works with engineering students at WashU concerning her merchandise mission to create dignified employment for survivors of trafficking.
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Catapult Competition: Manske Looks to Ramp Up Online Sales at Made for Freedom
by Veneta Rizvic

Dawn Manske’s launch of Made for Freedom, a social enterprise she started to help end sex trafficking in St. Louis and across the globe, got its start from a pair of Thai fisherman pants
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Shaping the Reputation of a Place
by Ginger Imster

Dawn Manske received $50,000 from the Arch Grant Program
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Finding Freedom: Made for Freedom
Apparel, Jewelry, and Accessories 

Empowering women and children and offering them independence and agency is the mission at the heart and soul of Made for Freedom
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PBS: Start-Up with Made for Freedom
with Gary Bredow

Gary and Dawn discuss how Made for Freedom fights human trafficking with style by employing survivors of human trafficking 
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Give a Gift and Support a St. Louis Startup
by Maria Altman

For your last minute holiday shopping, STLPR mentions Made for Freedom as a socially conscious option to support survivors of human trafficking
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St. Louis-based Fashion Houses are Underestimated but No Less Ambiguous
by Debra D. Bass

Dawn Manske's made for freedom featured as a prominent St. Louis fashion business fighting human trafficking
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Techli Tv's Domain Tech Report
by Edward Domain

Ladies Month featuring for-profit Made for Freedom founder Dawn Manske
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Made for Freedom: Fashion for a Cause
by Megan Mertz

It all started with a pair of Thai fisherman pants and a visit to a safe house in India for girls rescued from sex trafficking
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