Fashion Revolution Together with Earth Day is a Perfect Fit!

An Unbeatable Combination! 

Forest Park - Ranked the #1 City Park - USA Today 2016.

St. Louis Earth Day Festival - The 2nd largest Earth Day celebration in the U.S.

Fashion Revolution - A a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.

Brought together in a display of ethical fashion by

Made for Freedom - A St. Louis based, social enterprise committed to the fight against human trafficking through dignified employment.

The sun was shining, a cool breeze was blowing and St. Louisans, young and old, were enjoying the beauty of an April day.

In case you were not able to join us, I thought I'd give you the next best thing...

Below is the presentation given by Dawn and a few pictures from the show.

You may be asking, "Why a fashion show in the middle of Earth Day?"

St. Louis Earth Day is committed to training and supporting a healthy and sustainable future, and the garment industry needs to be part of that discussion. 

At a Global Level:

the economic impact of the fashion industry cannot be ignored. It generates revenue, provides jobs and establishes financial stability in places desperate for resources.

  • Fashion is a more than $1.75 trillion global industry
  • Each year approximately $370 billion is spent on apparel and footwear in the United States
  • Fashion- and apparel-related industries employ more than 1.8 million people in the United States
  • Globally, about 60 - 75 million people are employed in the textile, clothing and footwear sector
  • The revenue generated from this industry has served as ‘a stepping stone to development’ in most countries
  • Currently the garment industry is playing such a role in many of the least developed and developing countries

At a Personal Level:

Fashion and the apparel industry surrounds us--each of you is a good example--thank you for surrounding yourself with apparel today! Each shirt, pair of pants, scarf and shoe has a story.

We have all heard horror stories about sweatshops and deplorable work conditions. Sweatshops are not a new societal problem, but with increased globalization, faster production, intensified marketing and our perceived need for instant gratification, we are in an era of disposable clothing, coining the term Fast Fashion.

Fast Fashion is the mass production of garments that involves “Deals” you see in stores every day.

A shirt for $2. Think about that for a second.

  • Someone grows and harvests the cotton.
  • Someone cleans, spins and weaves the cotton into fabric.
  • Someone cuts and sews the fabric into a shirt.
  • Someone puts tags on and packages the shirt for transport.
  • Someone transports that shirt to the store.
  • Someone unpacks the shirt, displays it and helps the customer who buys it.

When you think about it that way, the value of that shirt is much higher than the price tag that has been put on it. Fast fashion is churning out cheap clothing, yet a high price is paid by those involved in the process.

In contrast, let's look at the Made for Freedom "Love, Freedom, Yoga" shirt. 

  • Made by single mothers in Haiti making a fair wage.
  • Screen printed by at-risk youth in St. Louis, North City.
  • A percentage of proceeds fund life skills and job training for disadvantaged.

Fashion Revolution was Born

April 24, 2013, four years ago tomorrow, over 1000 people died when a sweatshop in Bangladesh collapsed.

Experts in fashion, academia, and media came together and said this needs to stop.

This global movement began one year later, 2014, calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.

Made for Freedom has hosted Fashion Revolution events each April since 2014 to promote ethical fashion and to encourage people to avoid the temptation of cheaply made, fast fashion products.

Partnering with Earth Day, ethical vendors that are here today, and others that provide a positive impact through the garment industry is a perfect fit!



Brands Represented in the Show:

Rung Boutique - support and empower women and children in the St. Louis area by providing fashionable attire at affordable prices, as well as professional and personal growth opportunities, in a fun, uplifting boutique atmosphere.

Plowsharing Crafts - provides meaningful income to skilled artisans around the world by marketing their products in the St. Louis area since 1985. They are a ministry of the St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship.

Bravely - is an apparel company designed to employ and empower women recovering from sexual exploitation and addiction.

Partners for Just Trade - is proud member of the Fair Trade Federation & Green America's Business Network. We sell handmade, Fair Trade products from Peru, Haiti, & Cambodia. Visit them today in booth M36 under the MUNY walkway!

Forai - Friends Of Refugees And Immigrants and is founded on fair trade principles that support refugee and immigrant women as they begin home-based micro-businesses to supplement their incomes through the production of high quality, marketable jewelry and accessories. Visit today at A4!

Made for Freedom - our team is constantly and passionately pursuing a world without sex trafficking. It is our mission to help end human trafficking with three important methods.

Stats pulled from

Global Garment Industry Factsheet Lina Stotz & Gillian Kane


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