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Strength & Dignity Invitation

How are you going to pay tribute for Abraham Lincoln's birthday?You could watch Lincoln (inspirational flick.)You could go shopping (doesn't have anything to do with his contribution to our nation, but it might be fun!)AND You could commit to learning more about how people are fighting modern day slavery, human trafficking, today.Watch this video for your invitation to be inspired! "Strength and…

3 Gifts for Your World-Changer Valentine

Tis the season for chocolates & flowers, but in a time when so much of our country (and the world) seems in chaos and turmoil, it's hard to turn your attention to the lighter side of things. So many of us are caught up doing our part to make the world a better place - and we forget to pause and enjoy the parts of life that are going right.Your world-changer is busy making things happen - vo…