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When Does 1 + 1 = 3?

In Honor of the Resilience and Strength our Partner Centers, We are Thrilled to Introduce “113” Made for Freedom Tee Shirts!Imagine... ...that you are a young woman living in Port au Prince dealing with extreme poverty. You have been doing all you can to provide for your two children. Everyone in your slum community is struggling and feels The Reality of Economic Inequality. The best you ca…

Freedom from Human trafficking

At thirteen, Sonali* was stolen from her village, dragged to the back streets of Sonagacchi and sold into prostitution. Her first customer drugged and raped her unconscious body.Sonali now has a job she enjoys which provides for her needs as well as opportunities to further her education.Human trafficking is the third largest illicit industry after arms and drugs. In 2010 Interpol said human traff…