Farewell 2020 and Thank You

by Dawn Manske
Farewell 2020 and Thank You

At the end of 2019, when organizations were creating goals and preparing for “clarity of vision in 2020,” no one could have anticipated what 2020 would actually bring.

It has been an incredibly difficult year for so many. For us at Made for Freedom, we were almost on the brink of closing our doors twice in the past several months. But as the year draws to an end, we are thankful.

We are thankful to still have our doors open. We are thankful for a successful pivot. Most of all, we are thankful for your partnership with us as we fight human trafficking with style. Every purchase you made has contributed to generating over 20,000 hours of dignified employment for survivors of human trafficking and those coming out of marginalized situations.

We have some exciting things planned for 2021 which we can’t wait to tell you about in the new year. We look forward to growing and continuing to impact lives globally with you.

With love,

Dawn Manske 

Needed Now More Than Ever

Sep 11, 2021 Dawn Manske

When it comes to transforming our world, leaders from around the globe in 2015 identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The number one goal on that list is to reduce poverty. Extreme poverty is one of the most common vulnerabilities that leads to exploitation. The struggle to survive with basic human needs makes people do things they would otherwise not consider. When a woman has no food for her children, she will likely [...]

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Significance of the Hummingbird

Sep 15, 2022 Made for Freedom Team

While some people are intrigued by the aerodynamics of hummingbirds, for many people, this small bird with tiny wings is a symbol of hope. In North America, the hummingbird is seen as a sign of good luck and is often considered a bringer of joy. In some Native American cultures, the hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.The resilience of survivors of human trafficking is also represented in the hummingbird. Hummingbirds are able to...[Continue Reading]

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A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Oct 19, 2022 Made for Freedom Team

The epitome of strength, resilience, bravery, and commitment, Queen Elizabeth II was all these and more. During her 70 years and 214 days on the throne, and as the longest reigning female monarch in history, she saw her share of challenges and adversity. Yet she always faced them with grace and dignity. During her 2008 Christmas Message, Queen Elizabeth made the statement, "When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future."

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3 Ways to Empower Women this Women’s History Month

Dec 14, 2022 Dawn Manske

“No, you can’t do that. As a woman, it is forbidden.” Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Susan Anthony, Elizabeth Stanton, and Malala didn’t get the memo. They decided that enough was enough. They would not settle for the status quo and take society’s imposed rules for granted. With every spark they ignited, they brought women one step closer to a future where they could dream, receive an education, make their own decisions, take control [...]

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How Poverty Fuels Child Trafficking

Jul 27, 2023 Made for Freedom

Learn how poverty and other factors make children vulnerable to human trafficking and find out what you can do today to join us in the fight against this horrific crime. Shop with Made for Freedom to support survivors and prevent others from falling victim.

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We Can Do Better Than 1 Day of Human Trafficking Awareness

Feb 14, 2024 Dawn Manske

When Human Trafficking Awareness Day came around, and organizations were pushing the #wearblueday selfie to raise awareness, I did just that. I sported my favorite blue scarf, donned a lovely blue sweater, and even had my nails to follow suit. I did my makeup, checked angles, set the lighting, and took the picture. As I posted the well-planned selfie, I wondered, "What impact does this really have? Will this help people gain an understanding of the issue of human trafficking?" 

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