Yoga Mat Bag in Chocolate Swirl Print

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Best Yoga Mat Bags

Our women's yoga mat bags are ready for impromptu sweat sessions. Yoga mat bags include two Velcro pockets to store your phone and keys when you're on the run - and a drawstring and strap that are multi-functional and can be used to attach any number of additional accessories, such as sunglasses.  Stop carrying a bulky yoga mat, start carrying the Made for Freedom custom crafted yoga mat bags. Wash prior to use.


  • 100% cotton. 
  • With Two Velcro pockets to store your phone and keys
  • Multi-functional drawstring and adjustable strap with D-rings


These yoga mat bags are made with dignity by the ladies of Dream Weaver in Thailand as part of our effort to provide job skills, prevention, and restoration to those affected by or at risk of human trafficking. Additionally, 20% of every purchase goes back to programs to help create a world free from human trafficking. Learn more about our mission.