Leaf drop earrings - 18K gold-plated
Leaf drop earrings - sterling silver
Leaf drop earrings - 18K Gold-plated
Leaf drop earrings - sterling silver

Leaf Drop Earrings

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Whimsical and wonderful, our Leaf Drop earrings feature a delicate chain and a graceful little leaf dangling at the end. It's the perfect finishing touch to elevate any outfit and bring some extra charm to your day.


  • Choose between our 18K gold-plated stainless steel on 18K gold-plated sterling silver hook and chain or sterling silver leaf on 18K gold-plated sterling silver on sterling silver hook and chain
  • Size: Adjustable 1.5" to 2" length

Care instructions: Limit contact with moisture. When not wearing, keep it in an air-tight container.

The exact color may not be captured due to differences in lighting.


By purchasing our Leaf Drop earrings, you can make a positive impact on the lives of marginalized communities and those who have survived human trafficking. We are proud to partner with an organization that provides dignified employment opportunities to those in need, and with your support, we can continue to make a difference.


Marlar's journey to recovery was long and challenging. She had to escape the family member who trafficked her into a brothel and then undergo months of daily therapy at our partner center to seek help. Upon her arrival, Marlar was withdrawn and rarely spoke. However, with the center's supportive and nurturing environment, she gradually blossomed. Her passion for jewelry making flourished, and she regained her confidence to find her voice once more. The journey was far from easy, but seeing the transformation in Marlar was a testament to the power of healing and forgiveness.