DEEP: Advocate Collection

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Raise Awareness

All you need to promote, invite, and raise awareness online and in person.

  • 25 DEEP Brochures
  • 25 DEEP Invitations
  • 25 Human Trafficking Informational Cards
  • Digital files, GIFs, Videos
  • Instructions for an online or in-person gathering
  • Email teasers leading up to the event
  • Agenda and suggestions for creating a safe, informative, and fun event

    Five Key Components of Exploitation Presentation

    This video presentation on the Five Key Components of Exploitation digs into the situations and people driving exploitation and human trafficking, what that looks like in our world today and the programs and resources that need to be in place for healing and moving on for survivors. Our Founder, Dawn Manske, has presented to audiences worldwide and breaks down how Dignified Employment Empowers and Protects.

    The Presentation Provides:

      • Details about Vulnerabilities
      • Explanation of Procurers and Perpetrators
      • Discussion around Exploitation
      • A broad look at Rescue and Restore
      • Examples of Return and Reintegrate
      • Examples of Business Models
      • Graphics of Human Trafficking Statistics
      • Human Trafficking Quiz
      • Stories of Resilience by Survivors
      • Stories about Restoration Centers
      • Practical tips on how to create positive change