Batik Elephant Shaped Tooth/Gift Card Holder Pillows
Orange Fox Faced Tooth/Gift Card Holder Pillows
Batik Llama Shaped Tooth/Gift Card Holder Pillows
Made for Freedom, Tooth Gift Card Holder Pillow Elephant

Tooth/Gift Card Holder Pillows

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A sweet little plushie with a secret pocket in the saddle! Perfect for hiding treasures, money from the Tooth Fairy, or a gift card. Hand-embroidered eye and nose. 


  • Fox, Elephant, and Llama variations
  • Hand-embroidered


Each year Forai walks alongside 8-12 refugee and immigrant women on the artisan/artisan-admin team and 20-30 women who take part in community sewing classes. Forai works to foster dignity and help these women’s stories be heard. We help empower them economically with income earned from their work. And Forai creates community, a space where women from different backgrounds and cultures are mutually giving and receiving.