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Zi Yun's Reflection

This week was quite special. We went to a red-light district that I am very familiar with. Many years ago, I used to work and commit crimes in this place. While there, memories flooded my mind, and I was grateful for who I am now. I sat and visited with women in each brothel for a long time. There were women I used to be very familiar with and newcomers.One of the newcomers I remembered from our last visit to this area. At the time, the woman inside was very busy managing the renovations of the new brothel. We gave her a Give Hope Necklace as a way to begin a relationship and told her we would visit again soon. I saw her sitting alone in the shop this time on outreach, so we went over to chat with her. She asked what we did, and I shared openly with her why we visited the brothels; to bring hope, a listening ear, and the possibility of a new life of freedom.

Zi Yun is a survivor and Eden's Branch Outreach Director.

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