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Wynne's Story of Resilience

Hi, my name is Wynne. I am the Administrative Assistant at our Starfish Project branch office. Before I joined Starfish Project, my life was a mess. As a young girl, I ran away from home and was tricked by a man into working in a brothel. I was forced to work there for several years, and every penny I made was confiscated by the owner. Things only got worse when I was tricked into taking drugs during that horrible season of my life. It was only after I was arrested and forced into a rehabilitation center that the shame of this dark experience pushed me to find a way to escape from this brothel owner.

Since 2006, our partner center, Starfish Project, has been helping women escape the clutches of exploitation and human trafficking. 

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Stone of Empowerment Ring

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Transform the lives of exploited women with the Stone of Empowerment Ring. Every purchase contributes to providing vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, and educational support. Join us in making a meaningful impact today.

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