Rose's Story of Resilience

"Iidentify as a survivor after everything I've been through and accomplished-and talk to my girls about their standards and self-worth. I am in the process of trying to register my own business to work with special needs beauty pageants. I'm really excited to get started with my daughters and get that off the ground. It's been something that I always wanted to do. When things started to cave in on me, I went to a local homeless shelter, and from there my caseworker connected me with our partner center. I was very humbled to realize how bad of a situation I was in with him. It helped me realize he was a toxic person. 
I was able to transition into an apartment on the backside of the facility, and from that moment things started getting better for me. A door was opening, which made it possible for me to go back to school and get my Medical Administrative Assistant and EHR certificate. I'm very proud that I graduated in October.
Every part of the program was helpful. It is what me and my girls needed. It brings me joy to spend time with my kids. We love watching movies and going to church together. We're now in pageants together, so we have been doing a lot of those lately.
I really want to make a difference for anybody that's been through domestic violence like me. The center is my charity through Amazon Smile, and anytime I buy something a portion of the sales goes towards supporting other survivors. 
I want people who've been through my struggle to know that it gets better. You deserve your happiness."