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Mae Lee's Story of Resilience

When I was 15 years old, my mom trafficked me to Greece. I was exploited for 6 years before I was able to return to my home country. When I returned, Starfish Project stepped in and offered me a new beginning. I've been able to pursue dreams that I once thought were impossible. Having only an elementary school education, I was excited to study literacy, English, math and computers. Through the program, I discovered my passion for capturing beauty. I've received specialized training and mentoring by professional photographers. Currently, I take many of the product and model photos on our website and social media. I came to Starfish Project with no confidence in myself, but now, I take pride in my work. While at Starfish Project, I have also gotten married and had a beautiful daughter. I have big dreams for my family's future, and I can't wait to achieve them!

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Peaceful Path Ring

Experience serenity with the Peaceful Path Ring. This gorgeous piece of jewelry will transport you to a tranquil oasis every time you wear it. Embrace the calm and radiate positive vibes like Mae Lee does with this must-have accessory. Own your peace and style with the Peaceful Path Ring.

Every time you slip on this majestic ring, you're not just enhancing your outfit; you're embracing a lifestyle of poise and positivity. Its adjustable design ensures a perfect fit for any wearer, symbolizing the adaptable and resilient spirit of those who choose purpose in their fashion.

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