Chenny's Story of Resilience

"My older sister was already working in a brothel, by time I started working in one as well. However, after I arrived, my sister quickly realized that I would not survive in the environment. My sister contacted the center and asked them to come help me, and I have been working at the center ever since! I work on the production team, and really enjoy making different necklaces. Since coming to the center, I have had many significant moments. What stands out to me the most is how much I have changed. I think I had a bad temper before coming to the center. Now I have a milder temperament, and a much calmer attitude. I do not get angry as easily as I used to, and I am kinder, better, and more patient friend. I am also a fairly quiet person. Public speaking is very difficult for me. However, through practice and a lot of encouragement from my coworkers at the center, I am much more confident in myself. I even feel more comfortable speaking in front of groups. Having such a strong support group that believes in me and sets expectations not only eases my nerves, but also gives me a sense of purpose and worth. Because I did not have the opportunity to study much while I was younger, I really appreciate all the opportunities I have now."

Bloom Earrings

These dainty earrings are handcrafted at one of our partner centers by women like Chenny, who are survivors of human trafficking. Each of these flowers are as unique as the women who made them. 

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