Bay's Story of Resilience

"This year, I came to the center with my older sister Ling. What has touched me the most is the atmosphere of the office. It is delightful! It’s so relaxing, and everyone is so kind and encouraging here. I enjoy working here very much! Right now I am taking English, computer, and math classes. However, English class is definitely my favorite course! My teachers are all very patient and loving. They always give me feedback and support when they see I am struggling with something, and they are quick to help me continue to improve. At the center, I am achieving important goals I have for my life. That makes me incredibly happy. I feel so fortunate!"

Hummingbird Necklace

Bay, her sister, and other survivors of human trafficking make this necklace and other beautiful accessories that support women and children like them. 
The hummingbird symbolizes freedom for every human being and hope for a wholesome future

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