Bai's Story of Resilience

"I am from a small and poor village in the northeastern part of my country. Growing up, my family was so poor that we did not even have a roof. When I was a teenager, I decided to leave my village and move to the city. I traveled 22 hours from my hometown to get there. Quickly, I was overwhelmed by the challenges of living in a big city by myself, so I ended up working in a brothel. While working in the brothels, a team of outreach volunteers came and visited me. The outreach teams offered me a job making jewelry at their center and I have been working here since then. Today, I am the center's Design Quality Control Manager. I inspect our materials as they arrive from the supplier. I also create the blue prints that teach the Production Staff how to make each piece of jewelry. I work closely with Jenny to create the samples of all new designs, and I also get to teach new technical skills to the women in Production. Some of the most significant memories at the center have been my counseling sessions. They have helped me in so many areas. The biggest change I have noticed in myself since joining the center is the change in my attitude. I have become a more mature and patient person. I am now able to control my emotions, and feel like I am a better mother because of it."

Hummingbird Bracelet

Bai works in one of our partner centers that make this adorable bracelet which has a hummingbird pendant and three meaningful charms with the words, Dignity, Resilience, and Freedom. 

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