Jewelry Partners

Our jewelry partners work with women who have been exploited and marginalized to provide them with skills and wages in order to rebuild their lives. At these centers, they learn that they have value, they are capable, they are loved, and healing is possible. These partners empower women not only to work to make the jewelry they sell but to learn how a business works and use their skills to help others. 

This story of transformation is a great example of how they can help:

"At 15, I ran away from home and from a stepfather who abused me. Desperation for survival forced me to sell my body and my self-respect. When I thought I had reached my end, I met two women from Starfish Project. I left the dark world I was in and came to work at their jewelry company. As I grew and matured, they showed me unconditional love, warmth, and kindness.

I celebrated my 21st birthday at Starfish. It was the first time anyone had sung "happy birthday" to me. I am now able to laugh again and cry; not tears of sadness but of joy. Here, I no longer feel like an ugly duckling; I have dreams and I can fly!"

Our hope is that through continued partnership with these partners that we can expand our impact and empower more women.