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Congratulations on downloading the Red Flags PDF! That information will help you IDENTIFY any trafficking that may happen around you.

I'm Dawn Manske, and after seeing a video of a man asking for the youngest girls available, I desperately wanted to do whatever I could to fight back against this horrible reality in our world. Being aware of the atrocity was one thing, but I needed a better understanding the issue because I wanted to DO SOMETHING.

People frequently ask me what they can do to get involved in fighting human trafficking.


Become familiar with the red flags and risk factors.


Learn more about the vulnerabilities that lead to exploitation.

Take Action

Arm yourself with actions you can take to prevent further exploitation.

IDENTIFY - I could see how horrible and widespread human trafficking was.
UNDERSTAND - Hours of research, visits with centers worldwide, and years of partnering with service providers have helped me grasp the issue.
TAKE ACTION - The burden of identifying and understanding without knowing how to take action was overwhelming.

A two-week research trip to meet people providing safe houses, services, training, and employment for survivors of sex trafficking. Visiting those centers gave me a new perspective on how valuable it is to provide dignified employment for those at risk and those who have escaped exploitation.

After years of research and meeting with people around the world who are involved at all levels, I have put together the following training to help others get a big picture view of the pieces involved with exploitation. 

Ready to Learn More?

how and why trafficking happens.

Years of Research - Condensed and available here!

5 Key Components of Exploitation 

DEEP: Five Key Components of Exploitation Video Presentation
DEEP: Five Key Components of Exploitation Video Presentation

What is Included?

45 minute training includes:

  • Details about Vulnerabilities
  • Explanation of Perpetrators
  • Discussion around Exploitation
  • Broad look at Rescue and Restore
  • Examples of Return and Reintegrate
  • Examples of Business Models
  • Trafficking Statistics
  • Human Trafficking Quiz
  • Stories of Resilience by Survivors
  • Stories about Restoration Centers
  • Practical tips on how to join the fight

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