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Facebook Party

Plan your DEEP Fashion Event

Now that you have selected your date, you can now start planning your DEEP Facebook Party. This 5-day event is highly engaging and thought provoking. You will be introduced to the Five Components of Human Trafficking in an interesting way with your friends and family. Each day will feature one of these components and you will uncover stories about survivors of trafficking and exploitation all over the world. You will also learn how you can help change their lives forever. The information presented can be intense — so prepare yourself.

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1. Invite your friends and family

Make sure to inform your guests as early as possible so they can save the date! 

Add guests to the Facebook Group

We will create a private Facebook group just for your event. You should receive a notification leading up to your event date. Make sure to invite all your guests to this Facebook group.

Prior to the event, we will post interactive content such as event teasers, quick facts and mini-contests to win prizes. We will help engage your guests and introduce them to the event and the topics it will cover. This a great opportunity to spark discussions and get a sneak peek into the issue of human trafficking and exploitation. 

2. Review the Event Flow

Predesigned posts will be scheduled directly to this group created prior to and during the event by our team at Made for Freedom. Anytime during the event, you and your guests are invited to check out the Made for Freedom online store and use the coupon code to make a voluntary purchase. 

Since this event is run completely with Facebook posts on your group feed, you won't need any audio or video setup. Interact with the posts and with your guests by commenting on each post up that comes up. The posts will usually appear about 5 minutes apart.

Here are some sample posts

These are examples of some DEEP Facebook Party posts and the range of information they cover. Each post will be accompanied by a caption and often a discussion question.

3. Set aside time

Since all the posts are scheduled by us on Facebook, you don't have any further preparation. Just block off 30 minutes on each of the 5 days at the same start time each night. For instance, if you indicated your event would start at 7:00 PM on Day 1 in your time zone, it will start at the same time on the following days. 

Thank you for becoming a DEEP Event Host. By supporting dignified employment, you are helping in the fight against human trafficking.