What is dignified buying? #FashRev

Talking to people about why you buy dignified and trying to encourage them to do so as well can be difficult. Everyone comes to this conversation from a different perspective, and it can be hard to understand why buying dignified matters, how to do it, and what's so bad about the way they shopped before, anyways?

Here are some of the reasons we've heard that people don't shop dignified and ways to help your friends understand why it's so important!

"I'm just looking for the best deals out there. I'm a bargain hunter." 

While frugality is an admirable trait, the way many brands are manufactured is despicable. When people know that their clothing, shoes, or accessories are likely made by impoverished people who work 20 hours a day in horrible conditions, many children, they are less likely to be sucked in by low price tags. It's not bad to want to save your hard-earned money, but often that means we need to buy less, not buy at a lower price. 

This video from Fashion Revolution has gotten a lot of people thinking. Maybe it's something you can share:

"I just don't know what brands are socially responsible. It's impossible to know!"

This friend has a valid point. So many companies that make products we use on a daily basis are not transparent about their policies regarding sweatshop, child, and slave labor. In an ideal world where people don't exploit others to increase their profit margins, we wouldn't even need to know. How can we know that a company is treating all people involved with dignity? One way that can help is the Better World Shopper guide. It took 20 years of condensed research about brands and supply chains and funneled it into an easy to understand grading system. It can help to look up your favorite brands and see if they make a decent grade.

It is hard to know with the brands that haven't been as heavily researched. The point of shopping dignified is not to guilt trip you about every purchase you make but to keep you aware of what you are supporting with your dollars. Dollars mean support. Where we can, we need to be responsible with our support. Where we can't, maybe we need to buy less, or maybe we need to ask the companies we find ourselves going back to what their policies are. We do have the right to know!

"I just do all of my shopping in one place. I try to keep it simple."

Simple is good. We love simple. And what is more simple than shopping online? Haven't you always wished you could do all your shopping from your couch? Even if you haven't, you've got it admit, online shopping is convenient. Well, what do you know - SO many dignified, fair trade, or socially conscious brands are either primarily or solely online! If you google the product you're looking for paired with "fair trade certified" or "dignified", you're likely to find a few great options. Isn't it worth the research to know that you are supporting businesses that empower people rather than exploit them?

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