Uber Driver Saves His Teen Passenger From Her Pimps

I'm sure all of us believe this to be true, that sex trafficking is a horrible and disgusting industry that needs to be shut down immediately. Many of you, however, may think that this industry only affects people on the opposite side of the world and there's nothing you can do here at home to help. This is false. Women are trafficked every day here in America and it's possible that you may have even encountered them. Here is an example of just an average person going about their day when they noticed something peculiar.    

In case you missed this story on the news, in December last year, Kieth Avila overheard a suspicious conversation in his Uber back seat leading him to believe a young woman passenger may be a sex trafficking victim. He followed his conscience, did the right thing and notified law enforcement of his observations.

Avila broadcast from the arrest scene for 10 minutes, until an officer beckoned him out of his car to help pick the suspected pimps out of a lineup. His video has been viewed more than 170,000 times since then, and the photographer-turned-Uber driver has become a public hero. 

As part of Made for Freedom's mission to fight human trafficking we believe it is crucial for people to speak up and get involved. We want to urge our readers to pick up the phone and do the right thing if they spot anything suspicious. 

Watch the video for the full story.

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