Through a Child`s Eyes: A look into the world of child sex trafficking and abuse.

We never want to hear about sex trafficking and abuse, especially when it involves a child. Made for Freedom advocates for the survivors and those who want to escape. When we think about children going into trafficking there is the idea of kidnap or survival.

Unfortunately, though another situation is parents who have too many children and our extremely poor, sell their children to survive themselves.In these cases, not knowing their child is going into sex trafficking. I can only imagine the child being brought in after abruptly being ripped from their home and thrown into a nightmare. The next process is called seasoning were they degrade, and sexually assault them so they lose hope. This is a horrible situation in which we advocate for its end.

I started my journey with Made for Freedom last year and since then I have been an advocate and supporter. This year I was proud to join Made for Freedoms team as an intern. I wanted to help survivors earn back their life, humanity, and dignity. My journey has been one of amazing and horrifying discoveries. I discovered that this does not only happen in foreign countries, but in America as well. 52% of African American and Latino youth are the highest target in America. Los Angeles being the main court system that tries these youth for prostitution. In finding the cause over half were from child welfare cases and were runaways. Due to technology sexual assault and human trafficking is increasing rapidly. 

Although getting child survivors to speak about their assault is hard, many don’t disclose or don’t show symptoms right away. Made for Freedom is wanting to bring justice to these crimes. I have been so proud of the journey we have had this summer. It has been amazing helping survivors thrive, and keeping their voice heard. Finding your voice can be the hardest thing about sexual assault. Made for Freedom is a supporter of survivors and our goal is to help win back their lives and independence from their predators. 

Recently, human trafficking has been making breakthroughs. In Springfield, Missouri on July 20, 2017 multiple businesses were raided for alleged human trafficking.This allowed victims to be freed from their predators.Made for Freedom is wanting to see more of these stories happen, more predators brought to justice and more survivors thriving in their freedom. After all, we are all made for freedom!

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