The Track Meet

After a day of meetings, my head spinning with options, making tough decisions and once again, changing the day that Made for Freedom would launch, I was ready to call it a day. However my dear Mentor/Tormentor, Bret, decided that it was the perfect time to emphasize a warning that I have heard from many entrepreneurs. “This will consume your life for a while. All of life will seem out of balance.”

From Bret’s office, Eric and I headed to the county to watch my niece, Kelly, participate in a track meet. As I sat in the bleachers surrounded by enthusiastic parents, the sun setting and cheers filling the cool air, Bret’s words whirled around in my mind. I understood this was a two hour respite that would not be allowed often. “This is so relaxing and pleasant. It would be wonderful to not be consumed with the stress and pressure of trying to start a business. Why am I throwing myself into this when I could spend lots of time hanging with family and friends, work a couple part time jobs and enjoy life as a relatively new bride?”

It was finally time for the infamous 4 by 400. My speedy nieces always seem to be slotted for that race which is the very last event. With all the other events completed, girls from every team stood in the center of the track rooting for their teammates. The girls were more unified than at any other time of the meet as they gathered near the track where the hand offs would take place. In that moment, watching 50-60 girls clapping, cheering and screaming for their teams it hit me why Made for Freedom is worth the energy, time and stress. Those 14-18 year old girls don’t have perfect lives, but they are enjoying life and privileges that many girls in this world would have difficulty imagining. The situation of thousands of young girls being deceived and sold into a life of sex slavery seems so far from the life these track girls are living. Seeing that situation change, for even a few, would be completely worth the effort that will be required to get Made for Freedom going. One day, may this social enterprise help underprivileged girls around the world understand that we are all Made for Freedom!

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