The Promise of Dignity

Have you seen our beautiful hummingbird logo? Dawn, our founder and CEO, loves this hummingbird a lot. Not only is it unique and beautifully so, but it stands for dignity. That's our promise from Made for Freedom: when you see this hummingbird logo on your apparel or accessory, it means that its production provided dignified employment. 

The hummingbird logo means dignified wages for women who have been exploited or oppressed.

It means that workers are treated with kindness and given ownership over their skills and work. 

It means that you have made a substantial difference by choosing to purchase these products. Yes, every product that Made for Freedom sells was made with dignity, but we want our customers to know that the hummingbird represents the promise of dignity.

Do you have a pair of pants, a crossbody or drawstring bag, or a tee that has this logo on it? We hope that every time you look at it you remember the lives that are being changed because of your purchase and that you are a part of a movement for dignified employment.

To find out more about Made for Freedom, click here.

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