Surrender to which...Promulgating or Atelophobia?

I want to blog. I have read about blogging. I have thought about blogging. I have a list of topics about which I would like to blog, yet every time I think about actually writing a blog, my "imperfection phobia" kicks in. (Did you know there is actually a word for that??? Yep. Just found it. Atelophobia.) I don't often concern myself with perfection because I am far from it, but for some reason the blogging sphere has that effect on me.

Nearly every time I flip through The Economist, my favorite magazine, I encounter a report that involves sexual exploitation, devaluation of the girl child, the value of education, or the value of dignified employment. With great intentions of sharing this information more publicly (promulgating) via a blog post, I open the magazine to that page, and I put it on the stack with other magazines that will someday inspire all the other powerful blogs I dream of writing.

If I'm going to write anything about such serious topics, I aspire to be thorough, profound and articulate.

It's October 1. The first day of Q4 2014. (For some reason, just saying Q4 makes me feel more like a business owner!) I'm through with stacking. I'm through sending articles to Evernote to think about later. I'm through waiting for the perfect moment to blog about significant topics. I will no longer let perfection stand in the way of communicating the root causes and solutions that can profoundly impact the lives of women, their families and entire communities!

This blog will not be perfect. This blog may have run-on sentences. This blog, henceforth, will be a source for current and relevant information concerning sexual exploitation, how fashion can either feed into that or fight against it, and how empowering women helps improve our world.

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