Senate Passes Anti-Trafficking Bill

Yesterday, the Senate passed the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act bill, which the House also passed, in January. Once signed into law, this will strengthen penalties against perpetrators of child human trafficking and increase support for victims of trafficking, including resources for restoration.

The bill includes provisions for training for law enforcement, healthcare providers, first responders, child welfare officials, the judicial system, and others in order to identify trafficking, understand the needs of victims, prosecuting those who pay for sex from minors as well as traffickers, and it implements safe harbor laws. It dedicates funding for State prosecutors in child trafficking cases and encourages support of child welfare programs through governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The funds to support these programs will come in part from tax money and in part from fines levied against traffickers and perpetrators of this crime. It will be used to provide shelter, legal aid, healthcare, and other things needed for victims to be restored and rehabilitated.

We're excited to see the impact that this bill has, hopefully promoting a system where victims are treated as those who have been wronged and perpetrators and those who solicit sex from minors are prosecuted. 

In Made for Freedom news, we had a great event on Tuesday night at our Fashion Revolution Celebration and will be sharing an update about all that happened soon! Thanks to all of you who joined us, whether in person or online. Stay tuned for pictures!

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