Review: Handmade Cross Body Bags

Dad of the Year Alert! 

Andy purchased Made for Freedom's handmade cross body bags for his daughters. He recently sent us this picture and a review we just had to share!

"I purchased crossbody bags for both of my daughters, thinking that they would enjoy using them. Little did I know that they would become one of the 'go to' carryall bags that the girls use on an almost daily basis. These bags have endured just about every kind of stress that can be placed upon them (carrying books, dolls, toys, and even on occasion our pet cats). As the old Timex watch commercials used to say... they take a licking and keep on ticking. I'm happy to say that my daughters have become fans of OTHER Made for Freedom products simply because they had such a high quality experience with these cross body bags. We're now owners of a number of pieces of jewelry, and proudly wear the MFF products at any opportunity! Quality products with flair and beauty to boot! (All this glowing praise from a Dad!!)"

Thank you, Andy, for taking the time to send this photo and your review! We so appreciate it!

About our Crossbody Bags

Our handmade cross body bags are available in 8 colors, and are reversible with a solid color on one side and a stylish print pattern on the reverse. They are ideal for easy hands-free storage when traveling or on-the-go. Our reversible cross body bags are handmade with dignity by the staff and graduates at our first partner center in northern Thailand, a safe haven for girls and minority groups who are at risk of exploitation and human trafficking. 

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