Resources for Understanding Trafficking

Last week we talked about how to act like you're made for freedom, now that you've taken the pledge and posted a video on Facebook. One of the things we mentioned was educating yourself about trafficking.

Human trafficking --and sex trafficking in particular-- is a complex issue. The way people get into it, the way traffickers exploit their victims, how people get out, what restoration includes, how you can help -- these are all hard things to wrap your mind around. 

So, in an effort to help jumpstart your education process, we've found lists other people have compiled of books and documentaries about trafficking in addition to the books we recommended last week:

Polaris Project, an organization that works against trafficking through education and a trafficking tip line, compiled a great list of books that you can find at the link, organized by area of trafficking each deals with. Click the link below the picture on the linked webpage to download a pdf of the list they made and pick a few resources to use.

A Heart For Justice has a list of films and documentaries that deal with trafficking, some from the fiction perspective and many from the non-fiction/documentary perspective.  

Looking to go further? Want to know more about your country or a specific other one? One of our go-tos at Made for Freedom for research about the systems in countries where we have partners is the US Department of State Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Report. It's not light reading, but it can give a deeper look at what governments are doing to combat trafficking and what the specific issues are in different places that are keeping people in bondage.

Go forth and educate! 

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