National Sewing Month: Springsations

It is national sewing month and here at Made for Freedom we are spotlighting some of our partners. This week we are featuring Springsations, Who is making a difference in the fashion industry with ethically made fashion.

Monday through Friday in Liang Ge Zhuang village, located in Chang Ping District of Beijing is Springsations. Known for making beautiful bags that Made for Freedom is proud to sell. Springsations says that their products are uniquely and wonderfully made, they are not just another company making bags. Springsations is invested in the people just as much as they are in their product. Springsations runs a home for single mothers and their children. They also run a job training program, where the mothers and other women who would rather not share about their past can be trained on a skill. When Springsations started they had women locally ask for jobs but there was still a need for more help. Xiao Li went to Springsations when she was three months pregnant. Rejected by her family, friends, and the father of her child. Springsations took her in looking for help for her. However, they found they could not find it, nor a shelter for her.

Springsations then opened a shelter for mothers and their children to come stay. This provided shelter for them, jobs and training life skills. Springsations also in the same area opened child care for the mothers so they can work and be near their children.

Springsations started as a dream, sketching ideas for bags, changing colors and finally sharing those dreams with friends. Unfortunately, their friends were not impressed. They said do something else; you’re out of your depth. They moved forward with the idea against their friends opinions. The idea has expanded and a group of friends came together and pressed forward. Springsations is now a social enterprise, and a successful company.

The company has been growing and the women that work for Springsations are as well. The women at Springsations say they are not co-workers, friends, but they are more like sisters. Springsations started Munchkin Land, which is for the mothers kids learn to read, write, play games, sing songs, and have fun while their parents work. It is a place where dreams come true and life time friendships are made. Springsations is making wonderful bags and lives for women and their children. Providing care for their children and helping make sure they have an education too. This creates a harmonious environment and helps empower women, giving them the independence to change their lives every day, one bag at a time.

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