Monday Motivation: "I am lovable and capable"

Mondays can be hard. It can be hard to leave a weekend of rest and relaxation, especially in the summer, to go back to work. Sometimes our weekends weren't even that restful, and we've got yet another day to keep our kids entertained and fed while they're on summer break.

We need to hear stories of hope. Hope is our mainstay in a world that is dark and often unkind.

When we could get bogged down in our own lives, let's choose instead to hear of the amazing transformation that is going on in one of our partner centers and rejoice! This week, our story of hope and transformation comes from Starfish Project, one of our jewelry partners.

"My family was very poor. Without enough money to attend high school, my mom and older sister arranged a job for me in the city. Once I arrived, I realized that I had been tricked. At 17, I had been sold by my family into a life of exploitation.

In that place, my body and heart experienced a lot of hurt, but I could not leave because my boss threatened to kill me.

After about a year I heard of a woman who worked for Starfish Project, and I asked her if I could work there. I was hired immediately and began a new life at Starfish.

I now work in the management team. Through counseling class, I have realized that I am lovable and capable. I now have hope for my life, and I am taking counseling training classes so I can help others realize their worth."

So many centers like Starfish are working to bring about this kind of transformation, taking women who have been hurt and helping them to rebuild their lives. Often, the women who experience hope want to work to help others have the same experience.

Empowerment is worth getting excited about! Let's go tackle our Mondays and look for ways to be empowering to those we encounter.

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