MFF Road Trip 2014 - Montana & South Dakota

We entered another phase of our sales trip when we drove out of Yellowstone. For several days we traveled through towns along I-90 in Montana and South Dakota that started small and grew but still stayed under the population threshold of cities we had and were going to visit: Butte, Bozeman, Billings, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls. We were not certain what response we would get from our bohemian-chic style in these markets, but we were pleasantly surprised. In each place, we found friendly locals who shared their thoughts and opinions, and aside from being too far ahead of the curve in Butte, we discovered boutiques receptive to our cause and style at each and every stop. Rapid City, in particular, impressed us with its unexpectedly vibrant arts and festival culture, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring these enclaves of the typically more rural America.


While in Rapid City, I (Eric) had an opportunity to practice my sales techniques with some of the Presidents who happened to be there.  I must say that they were a difficult audience so it gave me good practice dealing with skepticism, but I was encouraged by Lincoln's taking up of our cause.

Since several national monuments were near our route, we took the time to visit. We enjoyed seeing these bits of Americana and adding to our increasing stash of potential marketing materials. I (Eric) even spoke with a representative at the Corn Palace about getting our product for sale there, which earned me a promotion to Specialty Account Manager! All in all, we loved meeting everyone and experiencing the great expanse of these northern towns, and we look forward to staying in touch, providing product, and raising awareness to stop trafficking here in the years ahead.

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