MFF Road Trip 2014 - Kansas City

After leaving St. Louis a bit later than planned, we were finally on our way to visit 17 cities over the next few weeks. Right away, we had our first mishap; evidently our magnetic car door placard was so beautiful, someone felt they had to have it as a souvenir. We hope whoever took it is able to spread the news about Made for Freedom.

We pulled into Kansas City after 3:00 PM and quickly made our way to several boutiques along Main Street. Two seemed somewhat interested, and Annette was very excited about Made for Freedom's product and story. We were very interested in this boutique as well since it combines product with spa services. Can you see clients coming in to get a massage and seeing these comfortable pants that they could wear during their time there? We look forward to where this collaboration may lead.

We were given a lead to another boutique but was unable to locate it in the time we had, although we did visit one more that was on our list. This store, though, only features products by the owner/designer. We did enjoy our chat with the employee, Tabitha, who is helping with website stuff, and we really liked the look and feel of what the designer is creating so we had to get a picture. Also, Tabitha was interested in what we are doing and gave us some leads in Chicago to check out.

At the end of our day, we stopped in Manhattan, KS to visit Dawn's great-uncle and -aunt, Deke and Edna Williams. We enjoyed sitting and talking with them after a long day of driving, and they were very gracious about us arriving about three hours later than we had planned. We even made our first sale of pants for the trip! We're looking forward to Edna sporting her Creabelis at many family and social functions in the years ahead. It has been an adventuresome day, and now I (Eric) am ready for bed.

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