MFF Road Trip 2014 - Jackson Hole

Ah, a time of rest and refreshment! After Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, and the Outdoor Retailer Show, it was great to get to Jackson Hole in Wyoming to not only peddle our wares there but to also take a day to just relax and regroup. We had a lot of information to organize, and after visiting several larger markets, we were grateful to spend a day hiking in the Grand Tetons and a few hours at The Hostel with our laptops. We also learned that small towns do not have open boutiques on Sunday afternoons. (Sorry, Idaho Falls.)


 We thoroughly enjoyed out time in Teton Village at Jackson Hole. After our day of rest, we did get around to the boutiques there as well as those in Jackson. We found a couple good options and are excited about the possibility of doing business there. (Bret, Dawn's fashion business mentor, and his wife, Kelly, will also probably be excited to hear that we may need to do follow-up business trips there, too.)


As we left the beautiful Grand Tetons and headed north, we drove through storms, watched buffalo roam across the highway, and treated ourselves by watching one of America's fondest Yellowstone attractions. Montana, here we come!


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