MFF Road Trip 2014 - Bay Cities

After leaving the whirlwind tours of southern California, we prepared for a short time of rest and relaxation. We slowed our travel pace a little and took a side visit to Hearst Castle on our way north. We enjoyed learning the history of this residence and its place in the annals of Hollywood history. Given that we delve into the harsh realities of human trafficking every day, we felt a bit out of place amidst the opulence, but it was interesting to get a glimpse of this side of life, and we did appreciate the beauty and precision of the residence.



We meandered our way further north and spent a few days in the Monterey Bay area before continuing on to the major metropolitan cosmopolis of the San Francisco Bay area. In both regions, we pedaled our wares, made great contacts, and simply familiarized ourselves with the people in these communities. Weather in Monterey was cloudy and foggy during most of our time there, but we were ready to switch into the warmer clothes that we packed, and we liked the slightly slower pace of these friendly neighborhoods. In San Francisco we experienced sunny yet cool days and wore ourselves out driving all about the peninsula and the surrounding SF Bay cities.


San Francisco presented us with a lot of opportunity, and once more we were quickly overwhelmed with it all. We actually had 44 boutiques to visit plotted all across the Bay region. On top of this, a few dance stores were added to the list. And we had appointments with the Green Festival, Not for Sale, and with contacts from the Chalmers Center. Needless to say, we were not able to get around to all the places we had planned to see, but we narrowed our scope to what we felt would be our best markets and focused on those. All in all, we gained some additional partners, and we anticipate placing product in a few stores in these areas within the next few months--exactly our goals for the trip.


Catch up with us again as we venture inland and northward!

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