Introducing the #IAmMadeforFreedom Campaign

Today is a big day, friends. It marks the beginning of a 6-week long campaign where Made for Freedom is encouraging you to get spread the word that everyone is made for freedom.

Here's the gist of it:

Dignified employment, freedom, fair wages, equality in the workplace, empowerment for marginalized people --- these are all things that Made for Freedom stands for. This campaign will give you a voice and a platform, along with others, to say that you want to live a life that empowers people. 

We're asking people to post a video, sign the pledge, and start a movement. As a special incentive, we'll be offering prizes for the best videos - each week and overall. 

So, I'm Made for Freedom - what do I do?

1. Sign the pledge.

2. Make a video of yourself, using the script from the web page, and post it to our Facebook page.

3. Invite your friends and family to sign the pledge and make videos, too!

4. Look for ways to make it part of your life:

  • Learn about the issue
    • What leads to vulnerabilities?
    • Who are the people who benefit from trafficking?
    • What does exploitation look like today? (US and abroad)
    • How can we disrupt the cycles that are exploiting people?
    • What does rescuing and restoring involve?
    • How does one return and reintegrate?
    • Which companies are providing dignity through their supply chain?
  • Raise awareness by sharing with others
    • Host an event to discuss the issues and possible solutions.
    • Follow, share, retweet, pin stories about it.
  • Make choices with your purchases that provide dignity

We're excited to see your videos! Let the campaign begin!

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