How do you handle your passions?

(Originally published Oct. 30, 2011)

It’s impossible to know how many brilliant ideas or life-changing discoveries never make it past that initial ‘eureka’ moment. It might be because of cost, inconvenience, a lack of confidence or know-how. It might be a combination of all of these things. Or it might just be easier to think about that wonderful idea you once had rather than actually doing anything with it. Maybe it was just an opportunity that we let slip through our fingers. We’ve all probably experienced something like that – big or small.

Then there are those people who – regardless of the seeming impossibility or unlikeliness – accomplish this by sheer force of will. They blow into our lives and stir us up. They make us think maybe we could have ‘gone for it’ and everything would have turned out alright. They are the ones that, often quietly, change the world. Dawn Manske, is one of those people.

I met Dawn several years ago and instantly knew she was someone with a fascinating story. And I was right. I’ll leave the telling up to her, she’s better at it. But here’s what I will say. Dawn loves people. Made for Freedom is her brain-child.

Anyone who knows Dawn has seen her Thai ‘fisherman’ pants…these breezy, goes-with-everything, cotton pants. And Dawn is constantly getting compliments and questions about them. But why just sell ‘fisherman’ pants when you can change the world? That’s what Made for Freedom is all about. Bringing freedom to women trapped in the sex trafficking industry – by making pants.

So, that’s the short version of the story thus far. Stay tuned, we’re just getting started.

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