How Do We "Hack" the Sex Trafficking Industry? You're Invited!

This afternoon from 5­-6pm, Made for Freedom will be hosting an all­-welcome

brainstorming session (held at Venturé Cafe* on Duncan Avenue) concerning the realities of sex

trafficking and forced labor in St. Louis. Whether you're an expert on this contemporary issue or

just interested in Made for Freedom's work, the "Trafficking Hack" is a great opportunity to learn

about what we do and to come up with real-­life ways to take a stand against this problem.


Knowledgeable experts, including Dawn Manske (founder of Made for Freedom) and

Amanda Colegrove, will be there to help us along. In her graduate master's thesis, titled "A Model

for Assessing the Risk of Human Trafficking on the Local Level in Missouri", Amanda wrote

about the risk factors and business types that allow one to predict where trafficking will occur and

how victims will be recruited. In additon, she used her research to create a prediction map that has

proved astonishingly accurate regarding local trafficking abuse. Amanda and Dawn will help us to

understand the impact of trafficking on local industries.


After listening and learning, our group will divide up and brainstorm practical ways to

disrupt the atrocities of forced labor in our city ­ how to "hack the industry", if you will. All are

invited and welcome, and for those of you who can't make it, our email is open to your innovative

ideas (


Hope to see you there!


*4240 Duncan Ave. #200

St. Louis, MO 63110

(in the Cortex Innovation District)

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