Designers Are Made for Freedom, Too!

Do you have a fashion-minded friend in your life? Any designers among you? Have you been pondering Creabeli pants and thinking about a perfect garment that would go with them?

In conjunction with our video competition and the #IAmMadeforFreedom pledge, Made for Freedom is sponsoring a fashion design competition! About 70 people have already registered to submit a design

Here's how it works:

You design either a women's garment to complement our signature Creabeli pants or an original garment with a similar, boho-chic style. You can submit your design as a sketch, photo, or finished garment.

Depending on your locale, submissions can be mailed to or dropped off at 7220 West Park Ave Apt. E, Richmond Heights, MO 63107 no later than 5pm on April 10, US central time. We will also be accepting designs scanned and sent via email. When you fill out the submission form, we'll send you an email with more information.

The criteria for submissions can be found on our website, so check that out before you start designing. 

What's the prize? 

The grand prize is $300 and a chance to be included in a future MFF Creabeli collection. Then there are also first and second place prizes for the next-best submissions. 

The winners will be announced at our Fashion Revolution event on April 21st, in St. Louis.

So, what are you waiting for? Start designing!

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