Dawn and the She Is Noble Campaign

A couple months ago, Dawn, our Founder and CEO, was nominated as a Noble woman for the She Is Noble campaign. The campaign is centered around the premiere of a movie about the life of Christina Noble, an Irish woman who saved over 1 million orphans and their families in Vietnam. Her story is incredibly inspiring, and we're excited to see it on the big screen on May 8th!

The She Is Noble campaign asks people to nominate women who go above and beyond to provide assistance and hope to people around the world, without asking for recognition or applause. These women - and there are so many! - work tirelessly for the causes they believe in and work to make an impact even beyond their immediate circles of friends and family. The nominee who wins will receive $10,000 to put towards their work, which we would love to see go toward providing dignified employment in our partner restorative centers.

We at Made for Freedom know Dawn to be this because her passion and heart lead her to work every day of the week, to always be thinking of how Made for Freedom can have a greater impact, and to be all about the mission of helping marginalized women and survivors of sex trafficking through fashion. She fearlessly charges forward into the waters of a startup social enterprise. 

If you're new to the Made for Freedom following, check out Dawn's story on the She Is Noble website. It's a great summary of how she came to where she is and where she and Made for Freedom are going! No matter how this campaign ends up, Dawn, you're noble to us!

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