Are you Made for Freedom? Make a Video!

You've seen this, right? We're starting a movement. We're all made for freedom, woohoo!

So, how do you get in on this video-making action? It's simpler than it looks. Here's what it takes:

1. Either you stick your arm out with your cell phone camera and take it yourself or get a friend to film you while you say:


I am signing the pledge and inviting (FRIENDS' NAMES) to sign the pledge because we are ALL Made for Freedom.

This is Eric, Dawn's husband, making his video. Way to go, Eric!

2. Upload it to the Made for Freedom Facebook page and use the hashtag #IAmMadeforFreedom. 

3. Post it on your own page and tag your friends in the post to challenge them to make a video, too!

It's that simple. 

Why is this important? Imagine the conversations you can have with your friends when they see that you stand for dignified employment and empowerment of all peoples. Something really powerful happens when we declare something - it's like we start to really believe it.

Also, there are prizes for the best, most creative videos. Who doesn't like prizes?

So, declare it! Believe it! Then go back to Monday's post and act like it. 

We're ready to see the videos pour in - here we go!

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