A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Born on April 21, 1926, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother). She was fondly called "Lilibet" by her close family. When Queen Elizabeth II was born, few could have predicted that she would one day become the longest-reigning monarch in British history. However, throughout her life, she showed to be a woman of great strength, resilience, and commitment. From weathering the storms of World War II to standing firm during the tumultuous years of the late 20th century, she was a steady force for her country. She also showed her sense of humor and humanity in recent years, endearing herself to a new generation of subjects. 

The epitome of strength, resilience, bravery, and commitment, Queen Elizabeth II was all these and more. During her 70 years and 214 days on the throne, and as the longest reigning female monarch in history, she saw her share of challenges and adversity. Yet she always faced them with grace and dignity. During her 2008 Christmas Message, Queen Elizabeth made the statement, "When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future."  


It is difficult to see a quote like this and not think about the women and men are striving to help. Survivors of exploitation have been through situations that are harder than what most of us can fathom, yet rather than accept defeat, they struggle...sometimes for years, for a better future. Dignified employment is a huge part of lifting them out of their situation. Because of the difficulties and struggle they have faced, we have some powerful statement pieces. Those which seem to resonate well with this famous quote by Queen Elizabeth are the I Am Brave Hoop, Great Courage Necklace, and the Committed Heart Necklace. Survivors have overcome great odds to build new lives for themselves. They are an inspiration to us all. Like the Queen, they embody the best of what it means to be human: brave, courageous, and committed to making a difference. Thank you for supporting these amazing women and their incredible work.



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  • Herbert E. Pruett

    I had the highest regard and admiration for her majesty, as I was a U.S. Airman posted near Braintree, Essex for three years in the 1960s. I saw her closeup at the rededication of St. Paul’s Cathedral, was in attendance at Westminster Abbey on two occasions, and several other “royal occasions.” I greatly admired her dedication to her subjects, and the goodwill she seemed to project to others. Her Majesty was a superb monarch of and for her worldwide subjects and friends.
    Herbert E. Pruett…(an 84 year old Californian)

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