28 Days Around the World #CreabeliConnections

Okay, maybe it won't be around the world, but in the next 28 days I will be visiting the directors of restorative sewing centers in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Kathmandu, not to mention my stops/transfers in Qatar, Malaysia and China!

These visits will allow me to:

  • Get production up to speed with Creabeli Pants
  • Share ideas for new products
  • Build relationships and see the work environment first hand
  • Gather much needed images, video and stories to help our customers better understand the impact their purchases make

Tara, a member of the Made for Freedom team, will be joining me next week. Thanks to Jeremy, her husband, and mother for being willing to step in and help with their two little girls. When trying to decide what tags to use with this trip, Eric suggested #NoHusbands. The official tag for this trip is #CreabeliConnections, but you may see an occasional comment about not having husbands around. :)

I will do my best to send updates about my adventures here, in spite of weak WiFi (I just spent some time sitting in the hallway to get a better connection), and Ashley will be providing background and trafficking information about the cities I am visiting. Her post about Kolkata is Kolkata - Why dignified employment matters.

Below is my first check-in. 

I hope that this #CreabeliConnections series will be entertaining and informative. Enjoy!

Finally arrived, 5 AM and Monster Crow! #CreabeliConnections from Made for Freedom on Vimeo.

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