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Host a DEEP Fashion Party

Ever wondered how you can be a part of the crusade against human trafficking? You can make a difference from a distance as a socially-conscious consumer!

We invite you to host a DEEP (dignified employment empowers and protects) Fashion Event and we will help you with everything you need. All you need to do is gather your friends and family at a party where they can learn more about this global issue and buy ethically-sourced products. Make a real difference with each purchase which supports dignified employment and services for trafficking and marginalized survivors. 

How it works

Get started

Plan your event

Gather people in your network for a party with a purpose on a date of your choosing.

1. Make a guest list

Think of everyone in your network and community who would like to make a difference.

2. Pick your location

This can be your home, friend’s home or a space in the community. You will need access to a computer, TV screen, mobile device for payments and space to display the products.

3. Complete the event form 

Provide all the requested information so we can send the products, marketing materials and signage you need. If you need more time to select your party date, you can confirm this later. 

4. Order the DEEP Fashion Event on our site

This item includes a flat rate shipping cost of just $15 and the product agreement. 

The agreement allows us to send you all the products you need for the party. A credit card will be required for security. Don’t worry — it won’t be charged unless there are any payment or product discrepancies.

5. Confirm your party date

We need 2 weeks notice before your event to ship your items. You will receive an email to confirm your date or set your date if you haven’t done so already.

6. Invite your guests

Send your invitation as a Facebook event, email or mail. We will provide you invitations in the format you request.

Stock up

Receive products and event materials

We will send your everything you need to make this party a success including our products, marketing materials, invitations and signage.

7. Access our ethically-sourced products

We will send you our best-selling fashion items that make a statement. We will also provide digital or printed invitations.

8. Use our dynamic presentations and literature

If you choose to have a presentation (highlights or full-feature*), we will send you a digital PREZI file that you can play for your guests to enlighten everyone about this global issue.

*A TV or projector will be needed for videos featured in this presentation.

9. Feature our event signage

If you don’t want a presentation, we will provide information signage to educate guests while they shop.

Make an impact

Transform lives

With each purchase, you are supporting dignified employment of trafficking survivors. You will receive a discount on all items that you can also share with your guests. You will also get host rewards for your support!

10. Purchase products

Look good and feel good when you buy Made for Freedom products that support dignified employment. Take payments from guests on your mobile device using the Shopify app. 

Look out for our easy-to-follow payment instructions in your email.

11. Return unsold items

Hopefully your guests will buy everything! But if there are any items remaining, you can ship it back in a box at no extra cost using the return shipping label provided.

12. Receive host rewards

Get rewarded for doing your part in the fight against human trafficking. You will have the option to receive 10% in online store credits or 5% cashback which we could donate to your favorite charity if you choose (minimum $500 order).

Share your experience

Spread the word

Share pictures of you and your guests wearing your Made for Freedom items and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Together we can end modern day slavery. 

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If you need more information about hosting a DEEP event, we'll be happy to help you make an informed decision. 

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