Eric Manske's Top 10 Reasons to Start a Social Enterprise

10. It's like starting a company...only harder

9. It's like starting a non-profit...only harder

8. Because you always wanted to do something that no one really knew what you were doing...even you

7. Because you always wanted to pull together the most disparate entities and force them to work together

6. You like to explain over and over why you don't want to rely on donations year in and year out...again

5. You like to explain how you want people to support what you are doing...with no tax deduction

4. You enjoy telling your business friends that your primary goal is not "to maximize profits"

3. You enjoy telling your cause-oriented friends that you're starting a business and want to make a profit

2. Your family is behind you 100%...way, way back there

1. You can't decide whether to run a business or to direct a non-profit so why not do hard can that be

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