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Introducing the 2018 Made for Freedom Yoga Mat Bags and The Strap! These bags come in four unique prints/colors. Each has two Velcro pockets to keep your items secure and comes with the most versatile strap around! The Strap can be used with your yoga mat bag or on its own. Either way the hooks on the strap keep essentials within reach and easy to access. Whether you are doing the Downward-Facing dog or taking the dog for a walk, our Yoga Mat Bag and The Strap will be right there with all you need to go about your day! 



Made for Freedom's yoga products and accessories include ethically made yoga mat bags, yoga tees and our very own CREABELI Pants. Our products are finely crafted by survivors of sex trafficking and those lifting themselves out of poverty, thus providing them with a safe place to work, a good wage and the dignity that comes with supporting themselves. We offer these products to celebrate the sense of calm and strength yoga brings to the lives of people everywhere.

And don't miss our "Love, Freedom, Yoga" Tees! Made by single mothers in Haiti and screen printed by at-risk youth from St. Louis's inner city.

Each piece is providing Dignified Employment for someone who desperately needs it. 

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