Leather Mania Camel Bundle

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We have the perfect gift bundle for the man in your life! Every item has been made from ethically and sustainably-sourced leather and has a timeless appeal for even the pickiest recipient. The Camel Bi-fold Wallet is made of full-grain eco-leather with a naturally distressed look that is trendy yet unique. Featuring an eye-catching geometric slot, this wallet duals in durability and design. The handy leather Black Cord Wraps attach to the cord and provide much-needed cable management in a stylish way. You’ll finally be able to get organized and tidy up your workspace.

Bundle Items

  • Bi-fold Wallet Camel (4.5 x 3.5)
  • 2 Cord Wraps Camel (1.25” long)

Support the Artisans

Feel good knowing that these pieces are ethically- and sustainably-sourced. They are made by artisans in India from marginalized communities. All the leather comes from a tannery that employs eco-friendly production practices. Thanks for choosing ethical fashion and shopping with a purpose.