Spiffy in Bow Ties Bundle

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The holiday season is full of opportunities to look spiffy, even if it means a lot of virtual parties this year. With our array of handmade 100% cotton bow ties, you can add a touch of class to your suit or even dress up casual wear. This bundle of bow ties includes the Stars and Stripes, Paint Palette, Mosaic Teal, and Painted Desert designs. 

Bundle Items

  • Bow Tie Paint Palette
  • Bow Tie Mosaic Teal
  • Bow Tie Stars and Stripes
  • Bow Tie Painted Desert

Support the Artisans

There’s a story behind every piece at Made for Freedom. Our bowties are made in partnership with Forai, an organization providing dignified employment for refugees and immigrants in St Louis, Missouri. Shop with a purpose with our ethical fashion pieces.